Springing in Blue

Hello Fashionistas!! I know, I know!! It's been a while, but with sooo many jobs it has been a struggle trying to make a blog post and take pictures! Now that I've quit my second job, I have all the time in the world! So to start out this year and Spring, I've decided to post an outfit idea for those that are on a budget and trying to do some spring cleaning! Instead of throwing away all of your old dresses, try them on or make some cash instead, so that you can replenish what you sold. I decided to use this dress that I purchased from Ross for very little cash. I believe it was about $15. Not bad at all for a plus size diva like myself! Since it's Spring and I don't have a cobalt blue dress, I decided to get it and in return for purchasing this dress, I gave away some of my old items. The next time, I will probably sell them! Nothing like a blue dress to pair with pearls and brown heels! If you like my outfit and/or if there's something you want me to post for my next blog post, comment below! Hope you enjoy!!

Shoes-Its Fashion Metro
Necklace-A Gift

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