Back to the Roots

Hi fashionistas!!

I have so many blog posts to catch up on!! I've been busy with two jobs and trying to move into my apartment. Plus my photographer and I have been having crazy schedules so it's been difficult trying to set this one up. Anywho, here it is and this is post from one of my favorite local black businesses!! She has an Instagram page and a Facebook page. The brand is Ms. Queenie's Closet!! She's amazing and her work is phenomenal. Looking for personalized items? She's the person to contact!! Below are photos of rhe items that I had made. This blog post is titled back to the roots because the African print reminds me of who I am ethnically. So why not embrace it? Melanin rules!! Do you agree?

White Crop Top-Charlotte Russe
African print Crop Top/Skirt Set-Ms. Queenie's Closet

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