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Hello fashionistas!

I miss you guys! This week's blog post is all about supporting small businesses, being trendy, and still maintaining a classy look.  This week's outfit consists of items from snall businesses that are on the rise! I will leave details below, but let me just state that I am in love with this outfit!! From my "I Luh God" tee to my high waist maxi skirt! These items, are comfortable, trendy, and they still make you look holy!! Maxi skirts are this year's trend and I decided to dive in as well! It covers up all of your insecure areas and gives you room to breathe! Who doesn't want that? This look was created by Ms. Queenie's Closet. You can find her business on Instagram at MS_QUEENIE_CLOSET! Go check out her work! She can put together whatever you want at an affordable price! My tee was designed by a small business, Miley Made Me Do It (Jessica Dukes-Vaughn on Facebook). She is amazing as well! Her business is growing and she has learned how to master her craft.  There's nothing like supporting each other! We can all make it togeher! I encourage you to support small businesses in your area! Everything doesn't have to be name brand for it to work! Share this blog post and comment below! Remember you can still be saved and fly!

"I Luh God" tee-Miley Made Me Do It (Jessica Dukes-Vaughn on Facebook)
Green/White Stripe Maxi Skirt-Ms. Queenie's Closet (Instagram)
Accessories-My Favorite Shoes (small boutique)
Shades-Charlotte Russe


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