3 in 1

Hello fashionistas!!

This is my blogiversary month and I'm sooo excited!  This week i'll be giving you three outfit ideas, while using the same top.  This crop top feels amazing!  I purchased it offline from Charlotte Russe and I'm so glad that I did.  I enjoyed pairing it with different items to create versatile looks that still exemplify class.  I'm all about being classy!  Ita not about what brand label you wear, but how you wear it!  You wouldn't believe where some of the items that I have on come from!  Share this link, invite people to subscribe to my blog, and  remember that you can still be saved and fly!!

Crop Top(Charlotte Russe)-(Here)
Midi Pencil Skirt(Asos)-(Here)
Leopard Heels(Just Fab)

Palazzo Pants(It's Fashion Metro)
Sandals(Shoe Department)
Sunglasses(Charlotte Russe)-(Here)

Cardigan(Factory Connection)
Heels(It's Fashion Metro)


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