What's the "T"?

Hello fashionistas!!

I've missed you guys sooo much!! This week's blogpost is all about every winter's favorite clothing item, turtlenecks!! You know I despise turtlenecks and it was probably because I was forced to wear them as a little girl, but pairing this turtleneck top with a tulle skirt was the best thing that I've ever done!!  I love this week's outfit choice and how I decided to be different. A lot of people would prefer to pair a tulle skirt with a chambray top, but this turtleneck is EVERYTHING!!!  What a way to keep your neck covered and still be fashionable!! Kills two birds with one stone (I think that's how it's used... Lol)!!  Anywho, I hope you guys enjoy, become inspired to create your own look, and remember there aren't any rules to fashion!!!  Share, like, comment!!!

Tulle Skirt-Ashley Stewart (Here)
Heels-It's Fashion Metro
Bag and accessories-Versona(Here)

Remember, you can still be saved and fly!

The Fly Church Girl

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