Hello Fashionistas!!  This week's blog post is all about comfort!! There are A LOT of days where I just want to go to work in sweats and converse, but unfortunately I can't! So I get as close as I possibly can to being comfortable, but fashionable!  Today's blog spot exemplifies this very thing!  For some this may be a shocker, but I LOVE my converse!  Heels are in the top 5, but I can just about wear converse everyday since I have a pair for everyday of the week. Anywho, this outfit portrays my everyday style and I hope you enjoy!!  Everything that I'm wearing is one of this season's trend so check it out and start shopping ladies!! Leave a comment, share, and follow me on other social media sites!!  

Boat-neck Poncho: Old Navy (Here)
Black Jeggings: Walmart
Purple Converse: Converse
Purple/Gray Scarf: My Favorite Shoes(local boutique)- gift
Shades: My Favorite Shoes

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