Thrifting 101

Hello ladies!! This blog post is just an introduction to a trendy & thrifted fall look book series that I'm currently working on.  This blog post has useful information for you plus size divas who could possibly want to be fashionable, but don't have the proper funds or you just want to get into the thrifting style.  These tips are for you! Hope you enjoy! Leave comments...

Trendy items to search for when thrifting:

Blazers- A lot of the blazers that I own have been thrifted from different consignment shops and goodwills.  Blazers are staple pieces in general, but those that have been thrifted brings a different flavor to your outfit and that's why I like purchasing them.  Also, don't just search in your section for blazers, but check out the men's section as well! I bought a couple of Blazers from the men's section because they looked amazing on my body! Play with them and see what happens!

Dresses/Skirts- I'm a huge fan of dresses and skirts in general because depending on the fit, I don't have to worry about sucking in my stomach or wearing shape wear. A lot of consignment stores have amazing maxi/midi skirts and fun dresses that you mix and match with your current stylish tops and heels.  These items are a plus when thrifting.  

Vintage items- This is my main purpose for thrifting and everything else under this umbrella just so happens to be the plus side of it all!  What I like about vintage items, is the fact that you can wear them in their original vintage style or you can make them look trendy by adding current trendy pieces to complete your look.  Vintage as a style will never get old so jump in and have fun with it!!

Jewelry- Jewelry is another trendy item to look for when thrifting! Accessories like earrings, necklaces, and arm candy have become their own staple piece now days when creating outfits period!  So search for those items that you could rock!!

Bags- I love thrifted bags! I've found some super old Dooney and Burke purses (which I am a huge fan of...) and I have also found some vintage bags that help complete my "different" looks at times... 

Thrifting is as fun and exciting as you make it!! You can't just go into one store and give up after not finding items that you like.  Keep searching and I guarantee you will fall in love with it!!  Let's thrift ladies!!! 

I will soon begin my trendy & thrifted fall look book series so stay on the look out for that!!

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