Day and Night Stripes

This week's post is basically how to transform your day fit into a night fit!! A lot of times, we only use specific clothing for specific times of the day.  Learn to switch up your closet items to create more outfits. Just because  you bought certain items to create an outfit doesn't mean they can't go with other things!! Let your hair down and try something different. You never know what may work for you!  I teach everyday and it can get messy teaching children, so I never wear a lot of my good clothing to work. I still want to look cute/comfortable so I created this outfit for the day...

Chambray Top-Catos
Skirt-G Stage Love
Shoes-Converse (gift from a friend)

I used the same skirt to create a night look for whatever occassion...

Skirt-G Stage Love
Heels-Mi Oh My Shoes

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